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North American Pudelpointer Alliance
Breedmate Pedigree Explorer
Breeders Alliance (NAPPA) has brought to North America an
organization so unique that many prospective dog owners find
the concept difficult to relate too. How and why would a group of
breeders cooperate, share information on their dogs and in
many cases utilize a dog from another kennel for breeding? A
common goal is the answer. All NAPPA breeders share the goal
of producing the best, most consistent pudelpointers available
in North America and perhaps the world.  The Pudelpointer is
considered by many as rare breed with a limited gene pool. Our
research has shown that substantial genetic diversity is
available in North America. Diversity was not the issue. The
knowledge of where this diversity is located and how best to
utilize such diversity was the issue and thus the motivation to
share knowledge about our individual dogs.  

NAPPA utilizes the premier version of Breedmate software
called Pedigree Explorer. With over 1300 pudelpointers entered
into this software we can trace some dog’s heritage back to
early 1920s. Pedigree explorer allows the entry of more than 20
different fields of data per dog and will calculate Wright’s
coefficient of relationship and inbreeding coefficients to 25
generations. When a breeding is being planned by a NAPPA
breeder all the data on available dogs is at their disposal. No
information is withheld. All Discussions between NAPPA
breeders on a prospective breeding focuses on the breeder’s
specific goals. Line breeding has the ability to fix or set specific
traits of individual dogs in their offspring, while crosses
between lines has the ability to add diversity, genetic strength
and the potential to produce outstanding individual dogs. When
NAPPA breeders discuss their goals it is not uncommon for the
discussion to reach past this present breeding but where this
breeding may take us in two or more generations. Pedigree
explorer allows NAPPA breeders to forecast beyond this litter
several generations. A goal shared by all NAPPA breeders is
insure that the pudelpointer remains one of the top performing
versatile breeds in the world for generations to come.