Oxbow Kennel

Oxbow Kennels
Calvin Harpe
Oberlin, OH 44074

Here at Oxbow Kennels, we strive to maintain and improve the Pudelpointer as today’s
premier versatile breed.  Following the strict breeding regulations set forth by NAPPA and
utilizing the NAVHDA test system enables us to produce the dog today’s hunter is looking
for in a hunting companion.  The average Natural Ability score of pups from our kennel is
108 points.  All of our litters thus far have attained NAVHDA’s Natural Ability Breeding
Awards.  Not only are our pups succeeding in the field and marsh, but are thriving in the
homes of hunters across our great Nation.
Killbuck’s Legendary Luna
Killbuck’s Legendary Luna whelped April 03 2005
Luna has been retired for a number of years now.  At age 11, her main job now is
being the best friend to our son whom she sleeps with nearly every night.  In
her younger days, Luna was always on the edge.  By that I mean her search
whether in the water or the field was always something to behold.  She was
relentless!  She is the type of dog that you teach something once and she
retrained it for life.  At 5 months of age, she was diving underwater after
crippled ducks and bringing them to hand.  We never trained for a duck search
beyond that introduction.  In one week she became steady to wing, shot & fall
and has remained that way.  Despite her hunting prowess, you couldn’t ask for a
better house companion!  Everyone that comes to our home and meets her,
wants to take her home.  You will see her in the pedigree of some of today’s
popular studs, particularly Hidden Acres Atlas.
Ace vom Maple Run
VJP 69 Pts, UT 169 Pts, Pz III
Ace vom Maple Run (Mac) whelped May 18 2009
Mac has earned his way to being one of the top sires in N. America.  50+
offspring have ran in NAVHDA’a Natural Ability test averaging 106 at this time.  
At least 10 offspring have gone on to perform well in NAVHDA’s UT averaging
187 at this time.  Two have made it to the Invitational.  There are more exciting
progeny growing and training.  
Mac himself is a very biddable cooperative dog that gets along with
everyone.  He loves people and dogs alike.  He is a producer!  By that I mean,
he always finds something on our hunts.  His desire and endurance is
endless.  He has hunted pheasants in SD and ducks in MS in addition to all his
hunting in OH.  Yet he is a perfect gentleman in the house.
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Oxbow's Albos
Oxbow's Blazing
Oxbow's Big Sky Bling
I-80’s Annie Brown (a.k.a. Coco)
NA 112 Pts, Pz I
Coco is a very high powered high drive dog in the field and water.  
She loves nothing more than to be out hunting.  She is a very
expressive and affectionate dog that has never met a stranger.  
She gives 100% at everything she does.
                                 Fin Renard's Fergi

                                     NA 112 Pts, Pz I

Fergi s a daughter of VC Cedarwood's Lexington Brown.  She is a
sweet calm dog around the house, that turns it on in the field.  She
has an awesome coat.  Fergi will run her NA test in 2011.
Hidden Acres Brisingr (Flikr)
whelped June 02 2013

Flikr is the granddaughter of Killbuck’s Legendary Luna.  An
exuberant happy affectionate dog with a tremendous
willingness to please.  An exciting dog to walk behind due to
her zippy search, awesome nose and stylish point!
Oxbow’s Heirloom Ayla
whelped May 01 2015
Belief that great things come in small packages!  This little dynamo is
just plain fun.  She has a zippy close range search with a natural
quartering.  A tremendous nose and stylish point from a very early
age.  Combined with a very natural retrieve.  We expect great things
from this 112 performer as she matures.