Hiddenacres Kennel

John R. Salassa
6090 St. Andrews Court
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, 32082
904 382-7267
Hiddenacres Kennel was established in 2010 to breed
Pudelpointers for the hunt and the home.  We adhere to the
principles of the North American Pudelpointer Alliance and are
located in northeast Florida between Jacksonville and Saint
Augustine.  Our goal is to produce Pudelpointers on the smaller
side of the breed, 45-55 pounds, and dogs with a good “on – off”  
(hunt vs. home) switch.  

At present we have one female, Oxbow’s Bailey of Hiddenacres.  In
March 2009 at 9 months of age Bailey received a NA score of 108,
Prize II and in March of 2010 at 22 months a UT score of 186, Prize
II.  She had a great 2009-12 hunting seasons on quail, ruff grouse,
pheasants, ducks & geese on both land and water, and for blood
tracking on deer.
Hunt switch on!
House switch on, hunt switch off
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Coming in late May