NAPPA is a breeders Alliance made up of sincere Pudelpointer breeders
requiring  strict breeding regulations with the intent to protect and improve
the quality of the Pudelpointer as a versatile breed in North America.

NAPPA's  philosophy and commitment to excellence has generated
considerable attention and growth. Today NAPPA is the largest cooperative
effort among pudelpointer breeders in North America representing over 80
Utility prized dogs of breeding age. The synergy created has allowed NAPPA
breeders to share considerable data on their dogs to include test, hip, size,
color, coat  and in some cases DNA. This data is entered into our breedmate
data base and is available to all NAPPA members. Why cooperate and share
so much data? Simple, a cooperative effort of this size must have a central
data point. This allows breeders to analyze and select a stud, potential future
breeding stock, calculate inbreeding coefficient, etc,  from almost all possible
breedings of qualified dogs anywhere in North America.

Some breed clubs in North America have limited genetic diversity and require
outcrossing to other breeds to maintain their genetic strength and vigor.  
NAPPA utilizes the genetic diversity already found in North America and
Europe thus avoiding these outcrosses to achieve the preferred desired

NAPPA like many breed clubs, requires a Utility Title for males and a
minimum score of 105 points in natural ability for females of the breed to
qualify for breeding.  Many NAPPA breeders exceed this minimum by
requiring a Utility Title for their females.  NAPPA commends these breeders.
While other clubs may use their own breed registry NAPPA uses the North
American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) registry and testing
system. The American Field registry is also used by some NAPPA breeders.
The NAVHDA testing system successfully removes any breeder bias by
using an  independent three judge system to evaluate and score tested dogs.  

To be a member of the North American Pudelpointer Breeders Alliance,
a breeder must agree to abide by the breeding standards set forth. The
requirements necessary for male and female pudelpointers are:

A) Males must prize in a NAVHDA Utility test. Foreign or other equivalent  
tests may be substituted.

B) Females must score 105 or higher and prize in a NAVHDA Natural          
Ability test or prize in a NAVHDA UPT or Utility test.* Foreign or other
equivalent tests may be substituted.

C) Certified to be free of hip dysplasia

D) Free of any temperament disorders

E) Free of genetic defects

F) Comply with breed standard's disqualifications

Only those Pudelpointer breeders using NAVHDAs testing system or
equivalent as an evaluation process and willing to test all breeding stock are
considered for this breeders alliance.

The NAVHDA registry and or the American Field registry (Field Dog Stud
Book) is required for all pudelpointers listed by breeders of The North
American Pudelpointer Breeders Alliance.

* Females that qualified with a 100 points or more in a NA test prior to July of  
2009 remain qualified.
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North American Pudelpointer Alliance
The largest cooperative effort among Pudelpointer breeders in
North America

NAPPA is a cooperative organization of Pudelpointer breeders that agree to adhering to minimum breeding qualifications.
Any opinion or requirement other than those listed above is/are the sole opinion or requirement of the
presenter/kennel/breeder  and not that of NAPPA.  NAPPA does not control or govern the individual business practices of  the
kennels listed. Each kennel operates individually as a private business and is solely responsible for any decisions or
commitments made or implied. .
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